Courageous Faith Revolution

Courageous Faith Revolution is a 2-year intensive learning community that brings congregational shared ministry teams of religious professionals and lay leaders together to focus on creating contextually relevant plans for the future of faith formation while disrupting the Sunday school paradigm. It begins officially October 2018 and ends June 2020.

Courageous Faith Revolution: The Vision

The overall vision for this program is to spark and sustain a courageous revolution, changing the ways in which we approach and resource faith formation in our congregations and our communities. As courageous consultants, we aim to inspire, challenge and equip our religious professionals and lay leaders to do the hard work of managing change within their congregations and the wider denomination.

The current program structure being used in the majority of Unitarian Universalist congregations was designed in a different time and for purposes that are no longer relevant today. Religious professionals have been studying, discussing, and lamenting for over a decade that something has to change. These conversations have been taking place in seminaries, conferences, workshops, collegial gatherings and staff meetings for years. For the most part, these conversations have NOT made their way into the hearts and minds of the overwhelming majority of Unitarian Universalists: our congregational members and the much larger number who are not part of any congregation.

You Had Me at Revolution

Our theory of change involves taking the time as staff and leaders to answer the question of WHY. Answering the question of WHY may be the single hardest piece of the work ahead of us, and it may take the longest amount of time. There are compelling reasons for changing the way we have always done things; fact based statistical reasons. But as religious professionals, staff teams, boards and lay leaders, as congregations, community leaders and ministers…if we are unable to articulate WHY things needs to be different or for what purpose, none of what we try to do will matter. Working with a congregation to understand WHY the structures and strategies of our past are no longer relevant or working today, communicating why our congregations exist and what our mission is, this is the real work. Once the leadership and congregation can understand and articulate the WHY, how they actually approach change will become less of an issue.

Be a Part of the Revolution!

If congregations want to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, then they must be prepared to change to meet the needs of the ever-shifting cultural climate. NEXT UP: Program Goals.