Courageous Faith Revolution - Program Details

It’s not always about investing in what we already know how to do. We must remind ourselves to invest in those things that mean the most to us.

Program Structure

Shared ministry teams comprised of the minister, religious educator, music director, Board member and one -three lay leaders will represent their congregations by participating in a year long intensive learning community.

Members of each shared ministry team will attend a monthly webinar focused on topics designed to prepare and support their congregation in discerning the future of faith formation in their local context. The webinars will also be open to any interested members of the congregation.

Each webinar will be followed by monthly discussion questions and communication tools for use within congregations and staff teams. The intention is that shared ministry teams will regularly provide opportunities to engage, educate, and communicate with the congregation throughout Courageous Faith Revolution.

Identity based bi-monthly online conversations will be held for participants to connect, imagine, and share with others serving in similar roles. (i.e. ministers, religious educators, music directors, board presidents, lay leaders, etc)

Each congregational team will also have a bi-monthly 1:1 coaching call with their dedicated Courageous Revolution coach. Coaches serve as the primary point of contact for your congregation, answer questions, provide resources, and offer encouragement, support, and guidance as needed.

Program Details & Cost

  • 30 hours of online learning
  • 10 hours of 1:1 coaching and consulting
  • 12 hours of identity based small group discussion
  • 21 months of communication resources to be used on social media, newsletters, small group ministry, worship and more
  • 4, possibly 5 opportunities for in person gatherings (optional)
  • Access to a members only Facebook group for additional connection and sharing
  • Special ribbons at General Assembly for all members of participating congregations. (We know this is probably the selling point. Unitarian Universalists are really are into their ribbons.)

Be a Part of the Revolution!

The total program cost for each participating congregation is $6,000. There are multiple payment options available including quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payments. If you find the cost to be prohibitive, please reach out directly to Kimberly Sweeney to discuss options and the possibility of financial assistance.