Goals, Action Steps & Outcomes

Courageous Faith Revolution’s goal is to provide the context, clarify the vision and equip our leaders to be able to articulate to the congregation why supporting families in faith formation at home, outside of our congregations and in the world is not only essential, but far more effective than the strategies we have been tweaking for the past 60 years.

Courageous Faith Revolution: Action Steps

We strive to empower congregations & their leaders to the next level of impact by preparing and supporting them in discerning the future of faith formation in their local context.

We will inspire and coach exciting and effective models of “doing church” by engaging in a series of online learning opportunities covering topics specific to faith formation reform in congregations, coupled with monthly discussion questions and communication tools for use within congregations and staff teams.

During the tenure of this 2-year intensive learning community, we will cultivate connections between congregations by convening religious professionals and lay leaders for online discernment and sharing.

Throughout the timeline, our coaches will make note of observations, challenges, and feedback regarding their congregations’ participation and progress.


Participating congregations will evaluate the usefulness and impact of the program annually in June 2019, June 2020, and a year after the program has ended in June 2021.

Participants will discover the purpose, mission and vision for faith formation in their congregation as well as a comprehensive implementation plan.

Be a Part of the Revolution!

If congregations want to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, then they must be prepared to change to meet the needs of the ever-shifting cultural climate. NEXT UP: Program Details.