The Death of Sunday school: 4 part webinar series

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Webinar 1: The History of Sunday School: Where Have We Come From?

Participants will examine the historical roots of Sunday school and its progression to present day.

Webinar 2: Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood: A Look at Demographics

Participants will explore how demographic shifts and an evolving cultural climate are impacting 21st century churches.

Webinar 3: Modern Family: The Needs of the 21st Century Family

Participants will delve into the challenges facing today’s families and consider ways our congregations might serve as an antidote.

Webinar 4: Breaking the News to the Bereaved

Participants will explore ways to frame conversations within their congregation and explore the ways in which grief may show up.




This is where it all began.

DIY Webinar Series at your own pace! Each 60-75 minute webinar comes with additional resources, readings, articles to share and discussion questions for committees or staff teams.






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